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WHATDry Erase/Wipe Off boards and dry erase pens

HOW: Ask a question, give students the option of writing their response

LEARN MORE:  If you don't have access to white boards, you can make your own by laminating white card stock, placing plain paper inside of a sheet protector, or purchasing white panel board at a hardware store.  


WHATPinch cards

HOW: Ask a question, students pinch the answer while holding up the card. 

LEARN MORE: Create using a large index card or card stock.  Use one card for each student (can also be used for tables or groups).  List multiple choice options along the edge of the card (1, 2, 3;  A, B, C; YES, NO, MAYBE).



WHATPoll Everywhere

HOW: Display a question on projector, students respond using personal device

LEARN MORE:  Poll everywhere is free up to 40 votes per poll.  Students answer in real time using a mobile device, twitter or a web browser.


WHATToday’s Meet

HOW: Post a question for open-ended responses or open a back channel to encourage sharing.

LEARN MORE:  This tool can be used to support learning activities such as socratic seminars, fishbowls and video debriefs.  TM allows all students to share their thoughts.  Teacher tools are coming soon.

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