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April 23, 2015: I designed a lesson that incorporated UDL principles. Some activities included (a) students building a visual resume, expressing a character’s objectives/skills, experiences and education/perspectives and (b) converting a worksheet into an interactive wall, requiring students to match quotes from the novel, Esperanza’s Rising, to character traits and the effects on the character. Following is the lesson write-up:

Lesson Plan Format

Teacher: C. Walton          Date: 4-23-15                     Subject: ELA 6                                                                  


  1. What new knowledge will my students learn? Provide the properly expressed objective and the content indicator from your BCPS curriculum.

Objective: Students will trace development of a character throughout the novel in order to explain how change has influenced her perspectives.

Alternate Objective (if only get to the resume): Students will be able to analyze a character in order to determine how that character has changed throughout a novel.

  1. Identify the reading Indicator from the Common Core Standards addressed in this lesson. Explain how this Indicator relates to your objective for today’s lesson.

Produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization and style are appropriate to task, purpose and audience.

Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of tasks, purposes and audiences.

  1. Why is this knowledge important and worthwhile to learn? (How will my students use the knowledge in meaningful ways today, tomorrow, and years after they have graduated from school?

It is important for students to recognize how life changes influence a person’s perspective. In addition, students need to be able to convey these changes and perspectives in writing.    

  1. How will the information in this lesson connect to my students’ prior knowledge/previous lessons and their future learning/ongoing instruction?

Students have been engaging in writing activities regularly. Also, they have previously discussed the many challenges faced by immigrants and Esperanza in particular. Their learning will be extended through specifically outlining Esperanza’s experiences and creating and comparing resumes of her former and current self.

  1. Briefly describe the procedures that you will use to implement this lesson.

*Intro Question: Is change good or bad?

*Read and explain lesson objective

*Connect the idea of change to Esperanza.

*Give examples of changes that have taken place (examples: setting, fruit, people)

  (Focus: Esperanza’s changes/growth and affects; record collective answers)

*As a class, build Esperanza’s resume (former self) on board with sentences strips.     Students will place sentence strips in correct sections (Objective/Goal, Skills/Experiences/Education, Perspectives).

*Transition: We/students need to figure out how she’s changed to her current self.

*Esperanza: My, How She’s Changed! / model

1. Read quotes from the novel.

2. Assign Esperanza 1 or 2 character traits based on quote.

3. Summarize plot support.

-create big graphic organizer (chart paper): quote (given), character trait(s), plot support

-1 for Devin, Sara: They will place cards in proper categories.

-1 for Allie, Mehki, Ka’Heim: They will discuss and write in the answers.

*As a class, compose Esperanza’s resume (current self) on board. Given a blank sentence strip, students will write a phrase or statement that fits in one of the following sections: Objective/Goal, Skills/Experiences/Education, Perspectives.

*Closing: Independently, students will write their answer to the following question: How have Esperanza’s experiences influenced her perspectives?

  1. How will you know your students have learned what you intended them to learn? What assessment strategies will you use during the lesson and why did you select that strategy? What specific evidence will demonstrate that students understand the new learning?

*critical questioning

*accuracy of information on graphic organizer

*Is information from graphic organizer accurately translated to resume?

*Is the objective met through the exit ticket? Did students recognize the correlation?

  1. As you have monitored the progress of this class and individual students, consider what strategies you have implemented that target these specific needs that will serve to improve student achievement. Cite examples from today’s lesson or related lessons that address these needs.

*There is a combination of speaking, listening and writing activities.

*Students will work independently and in groups.

*Students are separated into 2 groups based on individual needs in order to more successfully complete graphic organizer.


-quotes (simplified wording)

-graphic organizer (comprehension & writing space)

-statements for resume (Esperanza’s former self)

  1. What in this lesson will support our school-wide initiatives of: (1) promoting rigor and higher-level thinking skills, (2) enhancing reading/writing skills,

(3) encouraging active student engagement, and (4) enriching vocabulary.

This lesson has students actively engaged in reading, composing statements for a resume as well as an independent comprehension question, and sharing and discussing their answers. There are opportunities for self- and peer-correction in addition to student-choice and peer interaction.

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