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This is an example of me teaching my children’s ballet class at my dance studio. I am teaching my students how to do a simple demi plie, as you can tell by the visual aide that I created. These students range from ages 8-10, so often times it is difficult to hold their attention. I find that a visual example of what to do really helps them stay on task. When I am teaching a new dance move, I like to show how to do it as I explain what body parts are being used. As you can see, this picture of a dancer completing a plie along with my own demonstration can help the students mimic the movement and learn to do it on their own. The written words are provided for the students who like to understand what the step means. All ballet terminology is in French so it is important for ballet dancers to learn how to pronounce the correct French word and understand what it means. This poster translates the term for the students so they know exactly what it means to do a plie. When it comes to dancing, some students learn by watching and copying the example of a teacher, some like to see a visual picture of how it is done, others like to understand the meaning of the movement, and many learn by hearing the teacher speak. There are multiple ways of learning and I try to apply every one in my classroom in order to reach each student individually. When a child is learning in the most effective way possible and they have the option to choose which way they want to comprehend the material, they are more likely to succeed.

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