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UDL Evaluation Tool for Alternative Assessments

Tracey Hall once did a UDL Spotlight of my work at VSA. This week, I would like to do a "UDL Tracey Hall photoSpotlight" on her work on a real up-and-running UDL Evaluation Tool!
Go Tracey!


UDL AA-AAS Evaluation Tool

The UDL AA-AAS Evaluation Tool is an interactive set of UDL Guidelines that supports the review and analysis of large-scale alternative assessments. The tool is a great example of transforming the UDL Guidelines into a tool for a specific purpose. Not only does the online tool model aspects of UDL in its presentation and interactive features, it has professional development, evaluation, and implementation of UDL built into its accessible online environment!


Screenshot of evaluation tool home page with descriptive text and a text-to-speech tool bar.


The purpose of the UDL AA-AAS Evaluation Tool is to apply the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) to the design and administration of state alternate assessments based on alternate academic achievement standards (AA-AAS). The Evaluation Tool is intended to be used while reviewing documentation in state manuals, such as Test Administration Manuals, Teacher's Guides, etc. The Tool could also be used to help guide assessment item development. The Tool is organized according to the three principles of UDL using a hierarchy of Principles, Guidelines, and Checkpoints. Users may conduct their evaluation and write or record findings into the tool creating a findings report about your own state assessment.


Sign up for an account and check out the resource section for example ways to make assessments more UDL.


UDL Guidelines logo





Multiple Means of Representation

1.2: captioned media
1.3: alternative descriptions, images, media
2.1: glossary for vocabulary
2.2: symbols and color-coding
2.3: text-to-speech
2.4: language translation tool
2.5: multiple media
3.1: glossary, resources, and scaffolded tool explanation, examples
3.3: chunked information, page organization, UDL checkpoint navigation
3.4: template and information organizers

Multiple Means of Action and Expression

5.1: compose report in text and audio
5.3: Differentiated models, mentors and coaches, multiple examples
6.1: goal-setting
6.2: planning and strategy supports
6.3: checklists for note-taking
6.4: templates for self-reflection

Multiple Means of Engagement

7.1 setting own goals
7.2: customized to context
8.1: assessment discussion
9.1: coaches


The tool was developed in a partnership between CAST and National Alternative Assessment Center.

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