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The use of small group discussions, not teacher led, allows for stronger student engagement.  Also, allows for students to share and learn among their peers.  This is an excellent UDL strategy to use in an inclusion class.  Students who usually actively participate in whole group discussions have an opportunity to listen to their peers who normally do not participate in whole group.  Sometimes group assignments are given to each group, so the actively participant will not dominate the small group.  Group assignments such as leader (make sure no one dominates the conversation), timer, recorder and presenter.  I would give the students a topic to discuss in collaborative groups.  The small group discussions are timed.  Once the time is up, each collaborative group present their results of the discussion to the whole class led by the teacher.  

As I am typing this, I have an idea for next year, each small group can pick an object such as a pencil, ball, etc. The speaker will hold an object during the small group discussion.

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