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This week, our school had visitors from a school district in Houston Texas. The visitors were learning about the implementation of UDL principles and gaining information from experienced teachers. I personally believe that they say many different styles of UDL. Yes, UDL is a concept of principles and guidelines, but each teacher has the ability to make them their own and use them in a way that works for them and their classroom. I believe our school has a very diverse group of teachers that are experienced in UDL which provides a clearly understanding of how the principles should be implemented in the classroom. 

I created a lesson about the achievements of the Ancient Greeks. The students conducted an investigation where they could go to a variety of stations located around the room, on their own time and ability, to learn about the achievements that interested them the most. They were also provided with a map of what achievement was at each of the stations. Their worksheets had the activity for each of the stations. After this activity students were engaged in a  discussion about which achievement is most useful in our modern world today. Overall, it was a very successful lesson and the students walked away feeling very successful in their learning for that day. The next day, I asked them to name an achievement they were most interested in from the day before, and they were able to successfully answer the question without looking at their notes. 

I had an opportunity to debrief with the group during lunch and they were so welcoming to ideas and ways that we have made UDL work for us. We all started at different points in our teaching careers that it really helps to show that it doesn't matter where you are in your teaching career - this is still something that is feasible and once you dedicate the time to push forward, you won't want to go back. 

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