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The UDL Committee at my school solicited my assistance with planning a ghost walk.  After several discussions, the walks have been postponed to the fall, but here is what we have come up with so far:

* Participants will be given a BINGO board so that as they walk around they can mark off what they see/hear.

* Photos will be taken to share at a future faculty meeting on ways to incorporate UDL concepts

* We are undecided if we are going to do a ghost walk or a learning walk.  If we do a ghost walk, the primary focus is on the space aspect.  Teachers will be asked to place a recent lesson plan in a manila folder for participants to look through.  This will open up more of the guidelines.

* Prizes in the way of UDL books have been obtained, thanks Liz B.!, for participants.  We are not certain who will win those yet, but all participants will be given a free coffee certificate from the local Dunkin Donuts (we hope.... have not secured those yet but it should not be an issue).

The walk will take place in October of 2015 and there will be a sharing session during the month of November.

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