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Co-Teach Engaged Activity- Radius & Diameter

On April 15th, I worked with another UDL PLC member to create a fun lesson for the students to review a new topic.  I gave my co-worker all of the math information from worksheets and and she cut them out and created a fun BINGO game for the lesson.  We did this so that the students were not sitting at their own seat practicing finding radius and diameter.   The cards were placed randomly around the room along with questions incorporating the unit vocabulary.  Students had to solve the problems and then find the correct answer on their BINGO board.  It was a fun way to practice a drill and kill skill.  Students were allowed to move around, which in turn provided more brain stimulation as well.  We collaborated at the end of the lesson to review the material with the students.  They seemed very engaged during the lesson and it was obvious that having them up and walking around the room kept their focus much better than a traditional setting with all students at their desks.

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