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As someone who worked for many years as an advisor with students with disabilities in a post-secondary environment I was deeply intrigued with the Universal Design paradigm.  I see it as a means of providing equitable education; however, beyond that I see it as a means of revolutionizing the mainstream concept of education delivery.  I have taken this idea quite seriously:  I have retired from my position at a local university, I am completing a Master of Education degree and completing a series of business-related programs.  This is all toward the goal of becoming an education consultant.  I have been working on putting the concept of how to develop a process of applying UD within a school or workplace situation that integrates a quality management system.  I hesitate to flesh this out in a blog as it is my own intellectual property.  To add validity to this endeavor I can also let you know that I developed certificate programs, courses and seminars for professional engineers and the Canadian military--the certificate programs were 2-4 four years in length and were primarily involved with Total Quality Management and ISO-9000.  

If there are other like-minded individuals in this field who are interested in discussing this with me and exploring opportunities to develop this concept I would appreciate hearing from you.  My email is arafordeducation@gmail.com.

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