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The Faces of UDL

On April 30th, I attended The Faces of UDL held at Towson University.  Matt Bergman was the guest speaker.  He addressed the different learning needs in the classroom.  He spoke about teaching students with special needs and how UDL can help students learn the curriculum but in a different way.  He shared personnal stories about his experiences at the Milton Hershey school.  Mr. Bergman was knowledgeable and informative on his technology and UDL experiences.  He mentioned a free speech to…


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Observe a Fellow PLC Member

May 8th, I observed a fellow PLC member, Ms. Banfield's study skills group. Her study group consists of two deaf and hard of hearing students.  These students were participating in a scientific notation review.  The students were activating their prior knowledge, independently by completing a scientific notation worksheet as they completed stations.  The stations consisted of using hands-on activities, manipulatives, and and visuals.  Ms. Banfield noticed one of the students were having…


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Collaborate A Lesson

In May, the 6th grade science general educator and I collaborated and created a research project called "Adventures in the Solar System" ending the Earth and Space Unit.  Students were given a scenario stating that they were hired as a marketing agent at Solar Travel Agency.  The Agency specializes in trips throughout the solar system.  The students had to create an advertisement for a vacation to a planet or land feature of their choice.  They had the opportunity to work independently or in…


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6/2 Last UDL Meeting of the year

Here I will reflect on what we did at our last UDL PLC meeting of the year.

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Use of iPads

On April 29th, one of the 7th grade science class I co-teach used iPads.  Together with the general teacher, we collaborated a lesson on what color people see for various combinations of red, green, and blue light.  Students had to describe the color of light that is able to pass through different color filters.  The students had a worksheet with procedures and questions to answer.  They worked in groups of 2-3  using  the website:  …


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UDL meeting

Sorry, this post is late.  It seemed I was PARCC tesing early spring and EOY at Pine Grove, some days morning and afternoon testing sessions.  On March 4th, I met with the UDL members at my school to share and discuss the concerns they had so far this year in and out the classroom.  Group members expressed how hard it has been with PARCC testing, teachers' schedules who were administering the test or planning lessons around students who were testing.  We spoke about other challenges shuch as…


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5/29 Holocaust UDL Virtual Field Trip

On Friday I had the pleasure of implementing a lesson created by fellow PLC member, ms. Link. She and Ms. Reger created an entire virtual field trip that our entire 7th grade class participated in and each lesson covered a different angle or aspect of thenholocaust. The ladies created portions of the overall experience for each of the content areas and in each situation the students had the opportunity to create aritufacts that they in turn were able to post and present to all three grade… Continue

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UDL Exchange Final Lesson

After meeting with my colleague and showing her how to use UDL Exchange she then was able to edit/add comments about our lesson electronically.  This is the final link to our lesson "Radius & Diameter" (which is also shared with the public)

http://udlexchange.cast.org/lesson/1917815 ;

Added by Abigail Conway on May 26, 2015 at 10:20am — No Comments

Socratic Discussion Lesson Plan

I just uploaded a lesson plan to UDL Exchange.  It includes a warm - up mat activity to activate student thinking  and a class discussion activity using discussion cards (I got it - I know the answer, I want to piggy back on another student's answer, I disagree with that answer and I want to start a new discussion) that allow students to manage their own discussion. This was one of my best Socratic discussions with a sixth grade class.

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Teacher Ideas

I have found many helpful ideas using Pinterest.  Hope you take time to see what is  happening my board.  

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For the first time this year, I decided to meet with my co-planning team and together we created our first Kahoot! to use during instruction.  The students and teachers were able to engage in learning, self-check, and monitor progress.  My students really enjoyed the activity and I loved that I was able to get immediate feedback about my students progress, strengths, and weaknesses.  I look forward to continuing to explore and use Kahoot! in my classroom.

Added by Shelby Small on May 21, 2015 at 9:30pm — No Comments

Anchor Chart

At our last department meeting, Jen Farmer introduced the idea of anchor charts in the classroom.  Basically this strategy is encouraging the use of purposeful posters.  Posters should not be used to decorate your room, but rather to enhance your instruction.  I have used anchor charts in the past, but after each unit I have removed them from my wall and replaced them with information for the next unit.  After this training, I realize that the importance of the anchor charts does not change…


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Houston Learning Walk

This week, our school had visitors from a school district in Houston Texas. The visitors were learning about the implementation of UDL principles and gaining information from experienced teachers. I had an opportunity to debrief with the group during lunch and they were so welcoming to ideas and ways that we have made UDL work for us. We all started at different points in our teaching careers that it really helps to show that it doesn't matter where you are in your teaching career - this is…


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flipped classroom article and reflection

http://creativeeducator.tech4learning.com/2014/articles/Somersaulting-the-Classroom ;

I read this article about the flipped classroom and somersaulting the classroom in order to get more ideas for maximize instruction time.  Next year I will be taking on the responsibility of math department chair.  During this time, I would like to try to incorporate the flipped classroom and/or…


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Posted to UDL Exchange

Another PLC member, Abby Conway, and I worked collaboratively to create a hands-on lesson to find radius and diameter.  We took a game approach to make a lesson once based on completing a worksheet more engaging.  The kids loved it and we all had a great time playing.  You can find the lesson on UDL Exchange at…


Added by Christine Pipkin on May 21, 2015 at 11:26am — No Comments

Pinterest Account

Okay, I have taken a very big step for me into the world of on-line sharing of information. I have created a Pinterest account.  I have established three boards to collect information for Reading,UDL and Bulletin Board ideas.   Looking forward to sharing ideas with fellow teachers.

Added by Carol E Connor on May 16, 2015 at 5:27pm — No Comments

Co-Planning Meeting

At co-planning meeting with Mr.Smith,Department chair and STAT teacher we discussed a method for completing Unit 4 PBA 1 without technology. The PBA was written for the students to complete a multimedia presentation. Unfortunately due to PARCC test all of the school computers are scheduled for testing. As are result we designed a method for the students to create their presentation as a movie review poster. The poster will present the information required in the multimedia presentation. I…


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Kahoot was recommended to me by other PLC member.  The students absolutely LOVE playing Kahoot on the iPads.  The one problem I do have with…


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UDL Exchange

Tuesday after school, I got together with another colleague to show her how to use the UDL Cast Exchange website.  Posting lesson plans on this website is very simple as long as you know how to get started.  UDL Exchange does a great job in taking you step by step through a lesson plan , guiding you when needed.  I wrote up a lesson that we did together on UDL Exchange and will now send it to her so she can edit the lesson plan incase she wants to add anything!

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Department Meeting

Our English / LA department meeting on Tuesday, May 12 was very informative.  Mrs. Link presented information about how she uses technology to have her students work independently, in small groups to complete reviews, vocabulay, class research, and take assessments.  The activities include Udl elements and are all student centered.  She holds students accountable, but provides her students opportunities to be responsible for their own learning.  She also provides them time to complete self…


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