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Because of conflicting schedules, Liz and I were unable to meet face to face but had a nice phone conversation on co-teaching strategies. Co-teaching is something I struggled with this year for many different reasons, including not knowing all of the different curriculum, no common planning time, and a schedule change occurring in March.  Liz made a great point in explaining to me that teachers need to meet prior to co-teaching to discuss their philosophies and teaching strategies before…


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UDL PLC Meeting #3

June 10, 2015: We are meeting to wrap up this UDL project. We will discuss our individual activities in addition to things we learned that can be used as we continue incorporating UDL principles into our daily teaching practices and learning experiences.

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Technology Integration

May 2015: I co-teach a reading class with Mrs. Stewart, and we have regularly allowed students to use iPads to support comprehension of various texts. While reading in groups, each group is assigned an iPad so that they may have access to images, a visual thesaurus, and dictionary.com. Not only does this promote engagement, but it significantly improves their understanding. It is our hope that these practices become routine for students, and they use them independently at home as well as at…


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The Faces of UDL-Spring 2015 Program

April 30, 2015: I attended “The Faces of UDL-Spring 2015 Program” at Towson University. Matt Bergman presented on the UDL Framework and its many ways of implementation.

Matt works with students living in poverty at The Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He is a graduate instructor and course designer of several face-to-face and online courses on Universal Design for Learning. Matt recently worked with the Florida Department of Education to design a five-hour online…


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UDL Lesson

April 23, 2015: I designed a lesson that incorporated UDL principles. Some activities included (a) students building a visual resume, expressing a character’s objectives/skills, experiences and education/perspectives and (b) converting a worksheet into an interactive wall, requiring students to match quotes from the novel, Esperanza’s Rising, to character traits and the effects on the character. Following is the lesson write-up:

Lesson Plan Format



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Technology Integration

April 16, 2015: My students used iPads to create movie trailers based on “Lincoln’s Killer”, using Movie Maker. The objective of the lesson was “Students will examine connections among events in order to analyze how the series of events develops the central idea over the course of the text.” The skill focus was writing narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective techniques, relevant descriptive details, and well-structured event sequences. Students were…


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UDL PLC Meeting #2

March 4, 2015: Four months after starting UDL PLC activities, I attended our second group meeting. We discussed participants’ progress, answered questions and clarified information in an effort to clear up any confusion. One thing of interest that we discussed was the school’s expectation of co-teaching. Although we were introduced to five different models, several believed that we were expected to engage regularly in “true” co-teaching, team teaching. This is an area that has to be…


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Technology Integration

March 2, 2015: My students used iPads to independently watch a Brain Pop video and complete research about Cesar Chavez. The objective of the lesson was “Students will analyze informational text in order to make connections and draw conclusions about how the United Farm Workers Union would have impacted Esperanza’s lifestyle.” Students completed a graphic organizer about Cesar Chavez as well as explored resources about the United Farm Workers Union. In addition, they discovered the true…


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Another Mean of Engagement-Seating

December 2015: It is unacceptable in my class for students to put their heads on the desk. Therefore, after a student does it for the third time, I replace their regular chair with a stool. This is an option for sustaining effort and persistence in addition to promoting expectations. If students cannot put their head on the desk and go to sleep, they are more likely to participate, collaborate and ultimately comprehend the lesson.…


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Lesson Study

November 21, 2015: I was observed by two colleagues, a special education math teacher as well as the S.T.A.T. Teacher. In addition to observing UDL practices, they were specially looking for classroom management practices that could be used for difficult students. After class, the three of us discussed what was observed. I also answered any questions either of them had in addition to explaining why I had chosen to operate the class in the manner which I did.

Following is the…


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UDL PLC Yearly Goal

October 28, 2015: Our Pine Grove UDL PLC goal is that we will each successfully facilitate a lesson that integrates iPad technology. 

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June UDL Meeting

I will reflect on the last UDL meeting held at my school.

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Small Group Discussions

The use of small group discussions, not teacher led, allows for stronger student engagement.  Also, allows for students to share and learn among their peers.  This is an excellent UDL strategy to use in an inclusion class.  Students who usually actively participate in whole group discussions have an opportunity to listen to their peers who normally do not participate in whole group.  Sometimes group assignments are given to each group, so the actively participant will not dominate the small…


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UDL in the Library

Students working on their science classwork in the library.  Some students choose the tables to work in small groups, others worked in the comfy chairs, one decided to sit in the bean bag chair while another laid on the floor.…


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Collaborate a Project

Earlier this year, the general education 7th grade science teacher and I collaborated an end of unit project for the class during the Genetics Unit.  Students developed a Punnett Square and created a family tree of a recessive and dominate genetic trait.  It was the students' choice on which trait they picked.  Some of the ideas were hair color, eye color, height, and right or left hand.  Due to some students only knowing one side of their family, students had the option of using a cartoon…


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Use of iPads

A lesson using Kahoot was planned for the 7th grade inclusion class.  The students used www.kahoot.it.com to review for the upcoming benchmark for the Wave Unit in science.  We used the iPads but the general education teacher also allowed students to use their personal cell phones.  The class love Kahoot and the competition.  It gives students a chance to compete with one another in class by answering quickly.  Because of the competition, the general…


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Uploaded a Lesson on Cast

I uploaded a lesson, Who's Who Among Fossils,  on types of fossils on Cast. 

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Ready to Rock Next Year: Book Reports of the Future

Students are using the ipads to work in small groups to make book recommendations.  I will use these reports during our library visits next year, when I will again use the ipads to play a reading recommendations scavenger hunt.

Added by Nicole St. Clair- Stewart on June 6, 2015 at 11:54pm — No Comments

Throwback Thursday and ipads: Is This Really a Poetry Project?

As a review of some of the most difficult concepts of the year, small groups of students are using the ipads to synthesize song lyrics and their own poetry in the form of a music video.

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Kahoot It to Flip It: How I Increased Homework Participation by 65%

Yes, flipped classrooms are a great idea.  BUT... they haven't worked for me until the past few weeks.  My students would NOT do their homework.  They needed a proper incentive, and a grade was not enough.  I've been searching for an incentive, and Kahoot! is it!  Once a week, I use Kahoot to flip my instruction. …


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