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January 2015 Blog Posts (13)

Professional Development Session with Alaina

Alaina presented to the LMS staff today about questioning and assessment strategies we could use in the classroom to start a discussion with our students.  Alaina did not just present these strategies she also allowed us to actual apply in a lesson she created for us to participate in.  I learned two strategies I would like to see myself use in the Health classroom.  The placement and conversation cards.  Alaina presented the lesson in multiple ways of representation on paper and on the…


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Today for our PD session, Alaina Bitzelberger presented to the LMS staff about questioning and assessment strategies.  During this lesson, I was able to walk away with many strategies that will enhance my classroom questioning while also applying the UDL principles.  During this PD, I appreciated that Alaina had us apply each of the strategies to a given topic, rather than just telling us about the strategy.  We were able to apply the following strategies: placement, conversation cards,…


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I decided to take two different days to observe Erin Fortney during her assistance classes.  Our department chair has praised her for her organization of math stations and I wanted to get a chance to see this for myself.  I also use stations with my assistance classes, however with my large class sizes and a mix of ESOL, IEP, and behavior support students, I have been looking for suggestions in order to improve the ease at which the stations run.  While observing Erin’s stations, I was able…


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During our last UDL PLC meeting, we participated in a yoga class in order to make connections between the yoga instruction and UDL principles. The similarity that stood out to me the most was that all of the participants were completing the same poses, but the way in which the poses were being achieved differed. For example, Lisa has done yoga before so she was able to balance with one leg bent and resting further up her other leg than I could. Despite this, we both completed the same pose;…


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1/16 Lesson Observation-Small's Math Assistance

Since we met as a PLC on the 13th and discussed the different expectations to be completed throughout the semester for the different requirements of both the credits and stipend, Shelby Small and I decided to get on the ball and do our first lesson study to fulfill one of our requirements. 

I observed her on Friday, 1/16 during part of her 4/5 as well as her 6/7 classes.  I chose to observe two different groups because her make up of those classes are extremely different so I was…


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1/13 UDL Meeting- Yoga Class Connection

In our meeting today we completed a yoga class for reflection in how it is related to the classroom and similarities to our classrooms.  I definitely could see how the yoga related to different UDL principles, the most obvious of which was the movement part. The other large take away I got from the session was the use of the different "tools" so to speak.  I thought it was interesting when the instructor said often times the higher level yoga participants were the ones that chose to more…


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1/26 LMS PD- Alaina Presentation

At our afternoon PD to the LMS staff Alaina Bitzelberger presented on assessment strategies & different types of questioning. Although many of us from LMS participate in many different opportunities to improve our teaching, this presentation gave a new and different spin to incorporate the same ideas we all know to be so valid and important for the students buy in as well as engagement as well as their retention. From what Alaina gave us I was able to take her strategies and will use &… Continue

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Organizing Digital Resources

Had a f2f meeting with Liz focusing on organizing digital resources. My two favorites were Symbaloo and Live Binder.  I like the tile format of Symbaloo as a visual learner.  Live Binder was cool because I could create different tabs for categories, like OneNote.  It allowed me to focus on one category instead of everything at once.  Both could be used with students or other professionals.  I could post resources for them. I have already shared this information with the staff at my school in…


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UDL Meeting - 1/13/2015

Today at our first UDL meeting of the new year, we explored how yoga and UDL are related in the classroom. Not only was it a relaxing experience, but it was an eye opening experience. 

Yoga is absolutely relatable to UDL principles. Not only does it include the movement necessary for many students, it provides self reflection and regulation, choices in how to communicate with the instruction, choices in the scaffolds that are provided, and background knowledge was developed at…


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First UDL Meeting 1/13/15

Today was our first UDL PLC meeting of the year.  We review the expectations of the MSDE requirements and the stipend requirements before starting our 30 minute yoga session.  After our awesome/relaxing session we did a debrief on our mats talking about how yoga is like UDL.  I had stated the yoga block is a scaffold to building up strength and balance to allow yourself to hold a pose without help from the yoga block.  Another group member said there are different levels of each pose and you…


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Executive Functioning in the Digital World

Today, I met face to face with Liz Berquist and Christine Pipkin to leverage digital organizational tools.  After investigating some options, I chose to develop a symbaloo page for my students.  I've started to organize the page to help them with research and presentation tools.  This is a work in progress, but I think the outcome will help remove executive functioning barriers for students by providing one,…


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Varying Response Methods


WHATDry Erase/Wipe Off boards and dry erase pens

HOW: Ask a question, give students the option of writing their response

LEARN MORE:  If you don't have access to white boards, you can make your own by laminating white card stock, placing plain paper inside of…


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1wxpp95dxhpch Enjoy The Benefits Of Writing Blogs Online And Sharing Knowledge

Why make habit of writing blogs?

Blogging is actually one of the most interesting things to go for these days for the people who are interested to work and earn by sitting at their homes. There are a lot of these people who actually don’t know what blogging is and why to go for the activity of making a blog. They need to know that blogging helps practicing, editing as well as for writing for a deadline for the website and this can be…


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