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Jill-Formative Assessment

Jen-Executive Function

Kirk-Kurzweil and UDL

June 26 and June 27 Leadership KickOff Resources

June 26 Before Lunch


PADLET 1:  EF Supports HS (liz): https://padlet.com/eberquist/EFHigh

PADLET 2: EF Resources HS (lisa): https://padlet.com/carey/EFHS

Emotional Control

project that is a major part of your grade-

manage stress of school and home- have a conversation about this

create sentence stems that relate to the reactions of the characters in the story

Impulse Control

off task behaviors- having a task manager that keeps us on track

bathroom policies- procedures in place to all know what to do so lesson is not interrupted

interrupting lesson due to not understanding- parking lot or colored cards at the desk to let the teacher know where you are in the lesson


the way the teacher questions kids, having charts for analyzing, looking at the way questions are formed using problem solving

Working Memory 

increase the short term memory- associate a feeling with what we want them to remember ( humor, something dramatic)

visual supports- indirectly remind them what we want the to know, anchor charts, constant reminders throughout the classrooms

active participation- hands on activities


this is like progress monitoring. 

assignment completion- have an agenda; kids have their own data sheet, where they keep track of their progress, so they know where they are at all times. 

help kids observe and record what they do

Planning and Prioritizing

making an agenda for the team; holding folks accountable, keep looking to make sure you are staying on page.

making norms and being consistent. using anchor charts

think aloud the process of prioritizing, making your agenda visible

having conversations out loud about planning things and prioritizing them; calendar the work that is part of the class

create laminated cards with each step and then have the kids put them in order; give the scaffolding before the actual event

Task Initiation

make a list to check off or an outline; providing a rubric with deadlines;

helping a kid get started by talking them through it on a one-one basis; monitor their progress

Have a visual reminder of what the kids will need that day

Time activities for kids, so they see the time 


Classroom procedures- a routine that all kids follow and do every day

clear expectations and where to access materials

absence policies- where kids get info when they are not there

teachers need to track student progress

June 26 After Lunch

Year 4 Professional Learning Schedule




Lobo Academy-- Please post your FEEDBACK here

Please list your ideas here (based on https://padlet.com/eberquist/thsle


June 27 Before Lunch

Long Range Planning and Learner Variability

Assessment Process

Responsive Planning

Targeted Small Group Instruction

June 27 After Lunch

Having Hard Conversations- Jennifer Abrams


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