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October 2017

Teacher and Leadership PLC Resources Agenda Slides:  LPLC TPLC Evaluation  PLC Resources Learning Walk Protocol '17-'18 Adult Learning Graphic Organizer Teacher PLC Resources Making Connectio… View »

September 2017

Saturday Session #1 Resources Agenda Universal Conditions Chart Make for Monday Planning List Literacy Resources to Review: Disciplinary Literacy Visual Literacy Strategies Read, Write, Think 21 Di… View »

Summer 2017

August 15-16 Resources Jill-Formative Assessment Feedback the Fits FAME Feedback Five Instructional Routines for Eliciting Evidence of Student Thinking and Learning Jen-Executive Function EFPrese… View »

March 2017

Agenda March 22nd March 22 THSLE Agenda Resources March 22nd Learning Walk Protocol PPT for TPLC app.gosoapbox.com (Event code: chavezengagement) Station 1 Video Technology for Fostering Studen… View »

February 2017

AGENDA: Teacher and Leadership PLC, External Visit LWProtocol.docx LPLC Slidedeck AGENDA: February 2017 Saturday Session Small Group Instruction Stations Self-Guided Station (Managing Student Behav… View »

January 2017

Agenda: Teacher and Leaders PLC January 18, 2017 Leadership PLC Resources Total Participation Cards.docx Facilitators Agenda JAN 2017.docx January 18 Navigating Conflict PPT Sentence Stems Respondin… View »

November and December 2016

November 16, 2016 AGENDA TPLC & LPLC NOV 16 2016 LPLC Resources Using Mindfulness Practices in Schools TPLC Resources TPLC Discussion Guide World Cafe Website World Cafe Host Guide World Cafe P… View »

October 2016

Leadership and Teacher PLC Agenda October 3, 2016 Leadership PLC Links/Resources: September Poster 1 September Poster 2 Reflecting on Norms Discussion Guide Teacher PLC Links/Resources: SPAR … View »

September 2016

AGENDA_TPLC_LPLC_2_Sept2016.docx Evaluation Links (please complete at conclusion of session): Teacher PLC: https://goo.gl/forms/nEiPQA5k4NLoJfsi2 L PLC: https://goo.gl/forms/z1BwRY08Ut55YF… View »

August 2016

Teacher and Leadership PLC #1 AGENDA AUGUST 31, 2016 TEACHER: Evaluation Link ADMIN: EVALUATION LINK (please complete at the end of your PLC meeting) LPLC Resources/Links: 1. 8/… View »


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