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October 2014


PLC Meeting #1 October 2014

You will need:

  • UDL Think Book
  • Name Card
  • Device if you would like to follow along on UDL Connect
  • Print copy of agenda if you would like to take notes


Goal Review:

  1. To build campus-wide capacity related to the UDL framework
  2. To focus on improved student academic achievement
  3. To implement the UDL framework through research-based instructional practices across content areas.
  4. To model and support the implementation of UDL through PLCs
  5. To show initial indicators of positive change in educator beliefs, knowledge, and skills related to UDL
  6. To show student academic benefit from changes in instructional practices
  7. To support a campus in becoming an exemplar of UDL implementation 

Quick Discussion: 

  • Roles and responsibilities of PLC members, coaches, facilitators (see agenda)

Interested in learning more about the why behind our model of Professional Learning?  Read this EdWeek Spotlight on Reinventing Professional Development 


Supports for PLC Team:

Schedule and Rubric Review:

PL Options:

  • PLC Meetings, Online PLM, Professional Developments, Visits
  • In-school support
  • Access to online tools
  • Learning from others (virtual visit, F2F visit)
    • Today's Virtual Guest:  Carrie Reeve, Health and Physical Education Department Chairperson, Lansdowne Middle, UDL PLC Member 2012, 2013, 2014


What is a PLC?

Professional Learning Teams (adapted from Solution Tree)

The following table describes the ways that UDL professional learning teams differ from traditional teacher teams. After reviewing the table with your colleagues, use the questions at the bottom to reflect on your current reality.

Traditional Teacher Teams

UDL Professional Learning Teams

Hold regular meetings that may sometimes be focused on student learning, but are often primarily focused on school routines or procedures.

Interact regularly, both F2f and online, focusing specifically on educator growth and learning.  Educator growth translates to student growth.

Have inconsistent levels of trust between team members; teachers may engage in collegial conversations, but they tend to avoid conflict with one another. Keeping the peace is a priority.

Have high levels of trust between group members, allowing for productive conflict to occur in a safe environment. This level of trust leads to consensus and commitment on the part of all team members.

Rarely expose teachers to the instructional practices of their peers. Members tend to rely on their own professional experiences when making decisions for their students.

Seek to identify and amplify instructional practices that are aligned with the UDL framework. Members are willing to rethink what they do in the classroom based on the collective work of the group.

Members see themselves as loosely connected colleagues. While they may share a common group of students, teachers largely act as individuals when making instructional decisions.

Members are engaged in the process and see themselves as interdependent, sharing ownership for the success of colleagues.

  1. Which characteristic of UDL professional learning teams do we currently do well? 

  2. Which characteristic of UDL professional learning teams seems the most intimidating? Why?

  3. Which characteristic of UDL professional learning teams can we start working on today? What will our first step be? Who can help us in our efforts? 

Quick Exercise:

Modified North, South, East, West:  Directions and Debrief Questions

Creating Shared Goals:

By the end of _______ we will_______......... (post on your blog--access by clicking on MY PAGE when signed into UDL Connect


 Identifying Options: Classroom Application


PLC exercise to consider beginning application


Comprehension Supports that you can explore on your own:

Re-considering Assessment, options that you can explore on your own:


What's Next?

  • PL requirements-Capacity Building post by Oct 15, Application post by Oct 31
  • Wednesday November 5th: Teacher and Leadership PLC, facilitated by Lisa Carey and Nicole Norris
  • Saturday November 15th: Professional Learning Day
  • Possible MD visit in November!



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