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November 2014

November 15th Agenda and Links


Guide Appropriate Goal Setting Exercise (Design and Deliver p120):

Vary the Methods for Response Links:

Multiple Media for Communication Links:

Build Fluencies for Graduated Levels of Support (Co-Teaching) Link:

November 5th Agenda and Links

Leadership PLC 1 Agenda

Teacher PLC 2 Agenda

Student Centered Learning Resources: 

What is Student Centered Learning? Video

Student Centered Discussions - Video

Moving from Teacher Centered to Student Centered - Video

Engagement Jig Saw Directions: 

Form three expert groups.  Each group will be assigned one of the articles linked below.  Read your assigned article as a group (you can either read silently or select a group reader) 

As an expert group decide how information from your article is connected to guideline 7- Provide Options for Recruiting Interest. 

Regroup: Each expert group will split up to form new groups that consist of at least one expert member from each original group.  An expert from each original group will share a summary of their article, how it applies to guideline 7, and how it relates to the current work of the school. 

As a group, you will each submit a list of three ideas for implementing options for recruiting interest. 

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