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January 2015

Agenda Saturday January 31st:


Parallel Teach Topic: Instructional Delivery

Teacher Resource:  TeacherGroup_ParallelTeach_NTG.docx

Leadership Resource:  LeaderGroup_ParallelTeach_NTG.docx

Parallel Teach Topic:  Making Instructional Shifts

Co-Teacher Resource:  DirectionsforInstructionalShifts-CoTeacher.docx

Elective Teacher Resource:DirectionsforInstructionaShifts-ElectiveTeachers.docx

Leadership Resource: DirectionsforInstructionalShifts-Leadership.docx

Station Teach Topics:

Station 1:Co-teaching lens

Station 2: Formative Assessment lens

Station 3: UDL lens

Additional Resources to Explore:

W. Murawski Co-Teaching Resources:


Co-Teaching Lesson Plan Template:


Strategies of Co-Teaching:


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