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  • What patters did you notice when you completed your learning environment design?  Strengths? Needs?
  • How can this information drive your PLC agenda?
  • Look at the UDL assumptions on page 8- what assumptions need revisiting?
  • Based on today's agenda (WHAT, WHY, HOW of UDL) what topics would like to discuss in your PLC meetings?
  • Begin thinking about creating a shared goal...what would you PLC like to accomplish?

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Learning Environment Design (Strengths? Needs?)

  • UDL applies to any learner any where.  The same process we are asking our students to engage in we will engage in through our UDL PLC
  • Overlap between the guidelines
  • How do we support students who might not have the entry skills for the content?
  • Needs - Action Expression
  • Strengths - Engagement

PLC Agenda

  • You know the what and why, where will we go next?
    • What does it look like? Examples in practice?
    • What's a sample of the work? How will this be implemented in practice?
    • Part of the shift in this process is that the end is integrating?  The product for you know is that you are willing to explore and talk about learner variability.
  • When will we incorporate this work?
  • How is this similar/different to differentiated instruction that we've learned about for GT, ELL, etc...?


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