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  • What patters did you notice when you completed your learning environment design?  Strengths? Needs?
  • How can this information drive your PLC agenda?
  • Look at the UDL assumptions on page 8- what assumptions need revisiting?
  • Based on today's agenda (WHAT, WHY, HOW of UDL) what topics would like to discuss in your PLC meetings?
  • Begin thinking about creating a shared goal...what would you PLC like to accomplish?

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Replies to This Discussion

  • Using the simulator, showing teachers what is already in place, but also aligning to guidelines.
  • How can you connect with what teachers are already doing and the UDL guidelines.
  • Trying not to make it another "thing" that they have to do, but rather that they are already doing pieces of UDL.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of teachers of what they know and need to know.
  • example: PE class, where the teacher took the class in a UDL fashion then broke down the UDL principles as a team.
  • Caesar Chavez HUB/Portal to add these links.
  • If teachers were to use a new program, Janet is available to help support them with their application (Wednesday).
  • Maximizing instruction time. Use of guidelines to help scaffold and support the 90 minute classes.
  • Starting small for implementation - building on the board concept. UDL rounds idea. Connect the classroom and tools with the guidelines.
  • Breakdown the mindset of "just one more thing." Building a UDL paradigm shift through leadership and model UDL.
  • How is UDL connecting back to your teacher evaluation (thoughtfully and carefully do this through a positive manner, as opposed to "why are you NOT doing this.")
  • Provide conversations about UDL; work with teachers and their book study.
  • Looking at what teachers are doing now and connect them to the UDL paradigm.
  • Designing right from the start good lesson plans - perception - providing lessons in different ways. e.g. Kurzweil. How do we provide the PD for the teachers to use it.
  • How do we incorporate the what and how of UDL into the teachers' PLCs?
  • UDL data collection - what data needs to be collected?
  • This PLC, you need to model the UDL guidelines in your meetings, classes, etc.
  • Model at least one lesson that has UDL How and why.
  • Providing time and structure for teachers to observe each other for UDL items. e.g. Learning walks

Providing feedback with the

modelling lessons

structuring the What, How and Why in the structure of the PLC

Mindset that everyone can learn - beliefs around the UDL guidelines.


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