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Session 2: Ongoing Professional Learning in UDL- Diving Deeper (October 23, 2017)

Universal Design for Learning is a framework for teaching and learning, and therefore understood best when we apply it to our work. Diving deeper, how do we consider UDL in practice? What does it look like in different classrooms by subject, content, context? How can I coach others to become informed UDL professionals that are responsive educators in their classrooms guided by a UDL lens?

A professional learning community (PLC) is an ideal format for building deeper understanding and holding ourselves accountable for enacting meaningful change in our perspectives and actions. Options for a PLC include school division central office teams, regional directors of special education, school-based inclusive practices teams, or any other naturally occurring group interested in deepening their understanding of how curriculum can support individual student variability.

Guiding Q's:

  • What is the current context for addressing learner variability in schools? (school improvement, division improvement, postsecondary outcomes)?
  • How do the aligned written and taught curricula address a student’s strategic, recognition, and affective brain networks?
  • What happens when the written curriculum does address the brain networks.
  • What happens when the taught curriculum does not address building expert learners as well as reducing obstacles to learning?
  • What happens when school/classroom climate and routines do not explicitly address a student’s brain networks? 

    • What are some resources to consider in supporting this understanding?
    • How can we promote this understanding about UDL?
    • Why is this understanding so important?

Online Text Resources:

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