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November 14 Afternoon

Afternoon Agenda

Personal Goal Setting Sheet

Learner Variability-- Share HERE!

  • What is Learner Variability?
  • Why is this term important in your role?
  • How can I begin to address the challenge of learner variability?

Learning Environment- Share HERE!

  • What is a Learning Environment?
  • Why use UDL to design learning environments?
  • How can I use the guidelines to design flexible learning environments?

Elementary ghost walk Padlet 1

Elementary ghost walk Padlet 2

UDL Key Questions: Self Reflection

Link to UDL Theory to Practice Text (access free, online)

  • How do learners engage in a lesson?  
  • How is information presented to learners?  
  • How are learners expected to act strategically and express themselves?  

UDL Guidelines

UDL Implementation

Evaluation Link

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