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Fitchburg Public Schools August 2015 Institute


Fitchburg Public Schools August 2015 Institute


This  workshop introduces Universal Design for Learning,  and  emphasizes  the application and understanding of  UDL principles and guidelines when addressing the unique and diverse needs of students in the 21st century classroom. Participants will have opportunities to:

· Make connections between learning and   neuroscience

· Apply  UDL principles,  related  guidelines  and checkpoints to curriculum  planning

· Explore a  curriculum framework of      goals, methods, materials, and  assessment as a structure for designing    lessons

·  Identify examples of practice that  illustrate alignment of UDL to curriculum

·  Apply hands-on exploration of        technologies that support UDL

.  Develop common understanding of UDL    and  learner variability.

.  Introduce UDL lesson planning    practices

Please bring a laptop with you to the workshop each day!  

Best Regards,

Alexis and Bonnie

CAST UDL Cadre Presenters

Location: Fitchburg, MA
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Resources, Tools, and Tips!

UDL Books:

UDL Theory and Practice Digital Book (free!)

UDL Now! A teacher's Monday morning guide to implementing Common Co...


UDL Resources:

National Center for Universal Design for Learning

UDL Guidelines from the National Center for Universal Design for Learning

- Interactive UDL Guidelines

CAST Learning Tools

AIM Center: Accessible Instructional Materials

Tale of Four Districts

UDL National Tech Plan

David Gordon 2015 ESchool News Article


Videos & Resources from Presentation:

  • Marshmallow Challenge: work with a team to build the tallest freestanding structure out of spaghetti, string, and tape that has the entire marshmallow on the top.
  • Variability video: (~8 min) Variability Matters, Dr. Todd Rose presents the concept of learner variability through two analogies: shoes and Rubik’s cube
  • The UDL Guidelines are structured deliberately: Video: (~2 min) David Rose discusses the UDL Guideline structure
  • There is variability in perception. For example, watch this video: (~2 min). Count the number of times the team wearing white passes the basketball
  • There is variability in action and expression. For example, watch a video about Paul Smith, typewriter artist, and discuss how he uses the typewriter to reach his goal of making artwork.
  • Powerpoint of Thought Bubbles (as used for the #WhyITeach activity)
  • David Rose explains the Guidelines
  • Cell Lesson Video Authentic Assessment
  • Teaching Math as a Social Activity
  • Joe's Non-Netbook
  • PDF Slides from Presentation


Alexis Created Resources for Goal Setting & Reflection:

StudentgoalsettingBOYAcademicSocial.pdf  BOY= Beginning of Year







Other Resources, Books, & Tools to Explore:

SYMBALOO For UDL: Many different color coded resources and links to digital tools

 *If you have other tools to add, please add to the comments wall and I will be happy to add! 

Wounded by School Book by Kirsten Olsen

Square Peg Book by Todd Rose

MindUp- Hawn Foundation: Neuroscience Curriculum to discuss and practice Mindfulness in the classroom

Playing Music & The Brain (one snapshot) Video

Teaching Channel: Using Hand Signals for to encourage active listening


Color Blindness lifted with assistance from glasses


CAST Learning Tools:  http://www.cast.org/learningtools/
UDL Book Builder http://bookbuilder.cast.org/ *Can use other texts that were already created... can build in scaffolds and supports for independent reading... comprehension questions can be built in... glossary for vocabulary support with images
   *Digital platform to plan lessons with UDL features while considering the goal, variability, and assessment. Can share, adapt, and create all in one platform with embedded scaffolds and supports to promote your UDL thinking and lens for designing curriculum
Other Digital Tools:
Flowcabulary: Songs and videos to help learn new concepts
EngageNYhttps://www.engageny.org/ ;Common core related, strategy based, promoted reading, drawing, and writing about math... accommodations built in to remind how to enhance... suggestions for ELL learners, teacher/student/group work, resources were visually organized... FREE Can download modules onto your computer
Graphing stories.comhttp://graphingstories.com/" 15 second math videos where students need to graph what students see... includes corresponding worksheets... Dan Meyer
BitStrips: Create Comic Strips  https://bitstrips.com/create/comic/

Prezi  http://prezi.com/

Stop the Clock: http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/stoptheclock/sthec2.html

Wordle: http://www.wordle.net/  Can be used to highlight critical vocabulary, new vocabulary, way to brainstorm, set goals, show all "__" words (e.g., short a words), sight words, characteristics, "3 words of what you want for your child," passages into wordle, highlight key words and insert into wordle... can put student-written text into 

Remind 101: https://www.remind.com/  User friendly site, 1 way communication to send out notices, homework, etc. to text messages for students/parents who sign up. THEY sign up and you need to approve them. *Texting rates apply for those receiving texts... One directional communication

Shodor Science  http://www.shodor.org/
National Library of Virtual Math Tools  http://nlvm.usu.edu/en/nav/vlibrary.html
Mind Mapping  https://bubbl.us/ Digital story mapping... intuitive and easy to use... *Free to an extent
Kathy Shrock: http://www.schrockguide.net/ Many ipad or digital tools and ideas
Voki - Voice and Animation:  http://www.voki.com
Edmoto- Online classrooms  https://www.edmodo.com/

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