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This is the space to ask questions about how to use Book Builder.

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Hi All

As a member of the team who created Book Builder I am really excited to have this forum to share ideas and tips. We look forward to sharing our ideas and hearing from others who have been making excellent use of our tool.

Here's a tip: There are several viable ways for readers to have the book text read aloud:

1-  You can audio record yourself reading and embed it as an audio file (examples: The Tortoise and the Hare  & Play Ball with me, Jen and the Very Special Project)

2 - readers can use the built-in synthetic speech via the TextHelp Toolbar


Click on the top icon and then place the cursor anywhere in the text for continuous reading

Click on the second icon to read selected text

Click on the red square to stop the reading

Click on the bottom icon to have an individual word translated into Spanish



3 - You can copy your page text into the script for one of the coaches and have that coach read text aloud (Jack and the Sour Berry Bush).  Since any text can be read aloud using Text Help, you can save your coaches to provide other supports, if you like!


Hope this is helpful!

Anne Meyer



Since I just found the book builder the audio is beyond me!!!

I can' t wait to transfer all my old hand written stuff... but I found it a little challenging, I saw the FAQ, is there a tutorial- I must be missing something.

Thank you for a great resource, after 16 years I certainly need a new medium for my son.  He does not even pretend to hear any of my 'great suggestions!' anymore.





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