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Birth -Five Application Activities

Application 1:  Read with me E-books Variability Hunt

Identify specific examples of the guidelines applied in an e-book designed to help develop early literacy skills in young children.

Application 2:  Applying UDL to the Pre-School Planning Process

Now that you have identified examples of the UDL principles in a lesson, begin planning on your own using the guidelines!  Sample low to mid to high tech options are linked to each text!  


Application 3:  Integrating Early Literacy Apps into Instruction

  • Thinking ahead--Know what you are looking for...what are the important features in selecting an app for your learners?
  • Getting Started--Evaluate these apps:
    • Reading Rockets Literacy Apps: Select from Print Awareness, Phonics,   Vocabulary, Comprehension, Spelling or Writing.  Review 2-3 apps based upon your evaluation tool.

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