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Don Glass avatar says:

Please use these materials and resources as options in your professional learning, or contact me for UDL coaching, curricular reviews, or workshops at <donglass@gmail.com>

Let's share-alike!


Background Information

Get up to speed with the following digital media, text articles, and cases studies.

Universal Design for Learning Explained with Lego

NEW! This stop motion video by Nicole Agois explains UDL principles using Lego. A perfect explanation for staff, students and parents. Generously shared with the SOOC UDL & Apps class 2015.

UDL at a Glance

A short YouTube video created by CAST that illustrates the three principles of Universal Design for Learning.


The Future is in the Margins: The Role of Technology and Disability in Educational Reform (2005) by Anne Meyer and David Rose

This paper introduces the major influences of on the development of UDL through the authors' interaction with students in the academic margins using digital technology.

VSAM Case Study

View VoiceThread of VSA of Massachusetts Teaching Artist Marsha Parrilla teaching at the Ohrenberger School in Boston, MA. Or try VoiceThread Universal as a more flexible option for displaying VoiceThread. 


What did you see or hear that may be UDL?


Self-Paced Study

Continue exploring the application of Universal Design for Learning to arts-integrated curriculum.


The UDL Guidelines:

UDL Tips, Checklists, and Visual Diagrams:

Self-Paced Online Modules (OER):

An Introduction to Universal Design for Learning

This module provides an introductory overview of the critical features, foundations, and use of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). It provides background information from the learning sciences that shows how UDL can address learning variability, as well as support expert learning strategies across the neural networks associated with learning. Anyone can use OR remix this resource by signing onto UDL Studio.

Curriculum Design for Inclusive Arts Teaching and Learning (Part 2): Universal Design for Learning

This freely available Open Educational Resource (OER) module focuses on using the Universal Design for Learning framework to review and revise your curriculum to make it more accessible and inclusive. You will learn about the critical features and concepts of UDL in this module presentation, and then you will apply this information to the evaluation and feedback of an arts integration case study. OER Commons.

Articles, Chapters, and Case Studies

Universal Design for Learning and the Arts
(2013) by Don Glass, David Rose, and Anne Meyer. In Expanding Our Vision for the Arts in Education. The Harvard Educational Review, 83(1).

Harvard Ed Review student art image for article: colorful tempera painting of bees

Voices in ED blog

My Favorite! UDL Studio remix of article

PDF of Article

Universal Design for Learning in the Classroom: Practical Applications

(2012). Edited by Tracey E. Hall, Anne Meyer, and David H. Rose. The Guilford Press.


Chapter 8: Universal Design for Learning and the Arts Option
by Don Glass, Kati Blair, and Patti Ganley

Three case studies that highlight the UDL features of arts integrated curriculum.



The Contours of Inclusion: Inclusive Arts Teaching and Learning

This publication shares models and case examples of the process of inclusive arts curriculum design and evaluation. In the second set of reflective case studies (pp. 25-46) teaching artists use the UDL Guidelines to explain their process of including students by providing flexible arts learning options to support learning of the state content standards. ERIC ED522677


VSA Case Studies:

Mini-websites from arts residencies that feature UDL checklists and curriculum documentation. The websites were generated from the VSA Communities of Practice and are hosted on CAPE's EASEL system:

UDL checklist logoShare Your Arts and UDL Case Studies!

Share your own arts case stories on UDL Connect! Put together a posting that highlights your implementation of UDL:


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Comment by Don Glass on April 11, 2016 at 7:25pm

Hi Betsy! It seems that the website server access has been changed. I'll follow up with CAPE to see if can be "fixed." Otherwise the Contours of Inclusion publication has some good cases: http://www.eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/detail?accno=ED522677

Comment by Elizabeth M. Dalton on April 11, 2016 at 6:06pm


I cannot access the VSA Case Studies.  Can someone tell me the secret code????

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